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The Company have been established since 1964 in the name of (saad Ease Mohamed TAbra) it use the an extending a big trade in situation inherited by the late the father (Al HAJ (Ease TAbraا) and the inherited of HAJ (Mohamed TAbrah) of his Father Mr. (Mahdi Mohammed Abu TAbrah) who was a big farmer and trade man of food stuff.

The Company was first dealing with food stuff trading and after a very short time (1966) it specialized in fruit trading especially Bananas & Apples in addition to all other vegetables such as Tomato and fig plant and after ,  main trade route then was mainly Concentrated in between  Bag dad , Jordan & Palestine (before occupation) (1976) and the other rout was in between Bag dad , Sham & Lebanon were are the trade man concentrated in the southern rats of Lebanon  such as Sour , Ssaida , Damor it was concentrated on Green bananas and in mid Lebanon  in the southern are as concentration  was on Apple of All Kind and other quantities of Askdenia & Kamra etc , the first line in between Palestine and Jordan was concentrated on Tomato & other vegetables the Company was extended all over Iraqi.